200+ options for your zupper website

Options, settings ... you name it. They are there. More than 200.

Options are sort of Super Powers. Any option gives you the power to change something in your layout:
colors, font, menu, sidebars and lot of other visible or invisible (for the user) stuff.

Thank you for your interest in our WordPress theme

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  • Customize your website anyway you like it

    If your logo is red, you might consider to have a complementary color for your website to create a visual balance. Or, if you are a fan of Google Fonts or of transparent menus, now you can easily integrate them into your website. You can also set a sticky header or a sticky menu for an easy navigation for your visitors. Or you can create a one page website with smooth navigation menu. All these setting are available!

  • Customize anyway YOUR CLIENT likes it

    Well, if your website is a personal “take it or leave it” kind of project, you might not consider this, BUT, most probably, you would like to impress your customers and you would want to make them read things or buy stuff or both. So you have to let aside, a little bit, your personal feelings and consider what your customer visual experience. You have 200+ ways to make your customers more interested of what you offer.

  • Test your webdesign potential and skills

    Maybe you don’t know from the beginning what your customer like for background color of your menu or the way you put the social media links or lot of other things. It will take you a few seconds to make changes, and roll. No down time for your website, just click and change. Of course, you will have to keep track of your changes and see what it is working and what it is not.
    So, don’t hesitate to test things, it’s easy and powerful.

Let’s have a look at a short list of Super Powers you get when installing Zupper WEB WP theme:

General settings

  • Customizing main colors
  • Select a special google font
  • Choose to round border elements
  • Activate or hide breadcrumbs
  • Activate change or hide header, menu, site and footer shadows
  • Select pages sidebar type,  position and size
  • Add or change favicon
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Add social media links and icons size

Customize and create your contact settings

  • Write company details and contacts
  • Add custom map marker
  • Setup your map and add up to 12 addresses to display

Customize and create your website footer

  • Select the number of columns (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Customize footer by adding custom background image
  • Show or display second menu and social media icons
  • Style your footer with custom colors
  • Set the copyright of your website

Customize your website by adding custom css style

  • Add any custom css to unique style your website

Customize and create website header

  • Select header type sticky or static and style social icons
  • Choose transparency, left and right style, text and link
  • Choose header social type and colors
  • Set left and right header
  • Make special settings for mobile devices

Customize and create website main menu

  • Set sticky menu
  • Select borders and background colors
  • Select position and responsive type
  • Activate search form in menu
  • Choose transparency and position

Customize and create your own sidebars

  • Create unlimited sidebars

Customize and create your blog

  • Choose title and subtitle of your blog
  • Choose sidebar type, position and size
  • Choose how to display the article list
  • Choose where to display article info
  • Hide or display comments number, date, categories or tags
  • Display next and previous article

And last, but not the least important: YOU ARE NOT ALONE:  Need extra settings? Ask now!

Can’t wait to try all 200+ options?

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